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“I received a copy of their article from the and I studied it carefully,” Ehman said in an interview at the time.

“I have concluded that neither of the two comets could explain the Wow!

Since no staff members were around, no one could alert other telescopes to listen in. Petersburg College in Florida, thinks he has the solution. Its orbit roughly aligns with Jupiter at its farthest distance and Mars at its closest to the Sun. “We did everything we could to try to debunk our results but we kept getting a signal from the comet,” Paris told . ’ ” Paris, who along with his teaching duties runs the Center for Planetary Science and the UFO-hunting Aerial Phenomena Institute, proposed the hypothesis last year.

Without tying the radio signal to an object in the night sky, they couldn’t tell how far away it originated, Ehman told me last fall. ” on the data printout and hope the signal from Sagittarius would repeat. Two comets passed by that region of the sky in 1977, according to his hypothesis. According to Paris’ research, the comet “transmitted” at the 1420.25 MHz radio band. Ehman scrutinized that original proposal, and didn’t believe it was likely to be comets.

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“But the signal isn’t bright enough or rapid enough to be a good fit to the Wow!

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“But this author asked people for money to fund his research, and if you do that you should hold yourself to the highest standards.” Lintott isn’t sure what it is. Lintott suggests the study authors submit their research to one of the larger astronomy journals so they can get constructive feedback.

“This is just science by press release, and it’s depressing it’s picked up (by the press),” Lintott says. “But they can’t answer my question: Show me the evidence to refute my data.

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