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MTD (Jan 2018]: 90.2mm (Ave 465mm)Dec 2017: 58.9mm (avg 205mm)YTD 2018 65mmmm (Avg 1964.9mm) _________________________ Nikko Mutarnee, Southern Wet Tropics - 70km North of Townsville and 40km south of Ingham.

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and there is division about its effect on certain areas of Australia.

My bet is a change to troughy conditions for the east coast from about mid-Jan. December rainfall for eastern Australia was 23.8mm below average - 33% less rain than normal, or 29th driest December out of 118 years of record.

Despite this some are ignoring the big picture and claiming that increased rainfall in their backyards reflects increased moisture supplied by La Nina....

hopefully as you say the change is coming up here, but its certainly not here yet.

Scattered showers and storms as occurred in QLD the last day and a bit, and as forecast for much of the eastern tropics for the next 2 weeks is not going to even get you to average rainfall let alone good rains.

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