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, the profile pic and cover are visible to everyone.Naturally, your profile picture and your cover photo matter a great deal.Click the little question mark next to the score to understand what percentage of people who see the photo will remember it two minutes later.The percentage part doesn’t scale well, so just go with the overall score and try to get it as high as possible using some of the tips we’ve shared in the article linked above.Your information will be seen by the 8 million users who visit Guide Star each year and millions more who visit the 200 charitable applications and websites that are powered by Guide Star.You have the power to choose what millions of people see about your organization each year.We've recently undergone a name change (new DBA) and will need to fully update our profile here in order to do so on other platforms. Updating your Guide Star Nonprofit Profile ensures that prospective donors and funders will find the accurate, timely information about your organization.

Hi there--I wanted to check in regarding trouble updating our nonprofit profile.

In support of the Simplify initiative, your profile information can be pulled straight into participating grants management software, saving you time and resources.

Ever wonder where people see and use your Guide Star Nonprofit Profile information?

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