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This was unsatisfactory because of the nightmare of servicing a 30-cylinder engine, and because total output was only 375 hp, not nearly enough for a 35-ton tank going cross-country.

Shermans with twin GMC 6-71 diesels were produced for the Marines, mostly to lessen the threat of fuel fires on landing vessels, but since the 6-71 itself was still being developed, another alternative was desired.

So sure was Ford that the proposal would be approved and contracts for production awarded, a matter of Ford's continuing over-optimism, that production preparations were made, including making the casting cores and ordering the tooling.

However, the competition was the Allison 1710 cid V12, and it had already been in production for some years.

The confusion between the GAA and the Merlin arose because they both featured the same bore and stroke (5.4" x 6.0"), and because later in the war Ford of Britain did produce 400 Merlins per week at a factory in Urmston, England.

There were a little over 28,000 GAA and derivative models built.

Thus we have the Ford GAA, an "accidental" engine of the finest magnitude, likely the biggest light alloy, water cooled V8 engine ever built. The Rolls Royce Merlin was a single overhead cam engine with rocker followers, whereas the GAA is a true double OHC engine with the cam lobes directly acting on mechanical buckets.

The Merlin's spark plugs were located on the exhaust side of the head just below the exhaust ports, whereas the GAA had its plugs centrally located in the combustion chamber, as per modern practice.

A 1650-cid, 4-cam, 48-valve V-12 engine was designed, and Ford approached the army air corps with a production proposal.I’ve lovingly and carefully restored many of the images that I’ve used here and I’ve done that to share these with other spanking enthusiasts so I have no desire to take this site down.Besides, I still have many more images in my personal archive so eventually I’ll share more in the future. That number would actually be understating the Ford GAA's engine size, and we should have said One Thousand and One Hundred cubic inches. Said to be the largest displacement all-aluminum water cooled V8 engine ever built.This website is not so much about the Ford in your future as about the Ford in your past In World War 1, Ford was a manufacturer of the Liberty V12 aircraft engine for the army air corps, and as it became apparent there could be a second global conflict, Ford wanted to again get into the aircraft engine business.

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