Overcoming awkwardness dating

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However, it's also a topic that's shrouded in a lot of general, generic advice and scads of "Just do this [hard-sounding thing] and the girl is yours!" Before we get into the mechanics on how to approach a girl, a few articles to recommend checking out if you haven't already done so (or, are in need of a refresher): We'll be using and referring to these principles here - if you're vague or unfamiliar with any of them, make sure you give these a look.I made friends and started dating, and that helped a lot.But I still struggled to find the motivation to work out regularly.That in mind, let's get you armed up with a process for approaching that takes advantage of the situation and the environment and has you meeting girls as easily as possible, as smoothly as possible, and with the best end point possible (the girls you meet wanting to meet up with you again and exchanging contact details with you - or better).And we'll do all that with the 4 big mistakes that men make when approaching - and the 10 steps to take to have a near-perfect approach.

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I was a late bloomer, had never had a girlfriend at that point, and as college came to a close, I was feeling an increased desperation that this was the best opportunity in my life to find someone, and due to shyness and social awkwardness, it just wasn't happening.

When I stumbled upon Kayla's Instagram, her message seemed very different.

As a bisexual, stereotypical gender roles have always seemed antiquated to me.

I also went to an engineering school that had mostly male students, which didn't help.

After college, I moved to Boston for work and worked very hard at overcoming my social anxiety.

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