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But all of them fill tap into that same basic urge as “The Kiss,” and mankind’s fundamental desire to connect with others — and to watch those connections reflected back at us on the silver screen.25.became so quoted and re-quoted that the whole movie turned into one big joke.What makes Ford’s film so poignant and memorable is how it, and George, find beauty in the finer details – the blue of a young girl’s dress, the red of a woman’s lipstick or the haze of smoke exhaled from a man’s lips. Time passes (marked mostly by the changing styles of ties in a brilliant montage within the montage). Though most of the movie follows Carl without Ellie, that bond is always there, as symbolized by their adorable house, soaring through the sky on a cluster of balloons.

— concerns itself with the culture of a vintage record store, and particularly the posturing elitist attitudes of its staff.

Those favorites became a shorter shortlist, which was then voted on a second time to arrive at the ranking you’re about to see below.

The films that follow are comedies and dramas, and feature relationships that end happily and tragically.

When you watch it in your late-20s or 30s, you’re screaming at the screen wondering why she’s bothering with Troy and why can’t she see that the sensible and obvious choice is Michael, the TV exec played by Stiller. is bold enough to present complex characters who aren’t just the girl, the good guy, and the bad guy.

Love is messy and complicated and when you’re young you make questionable, if not outright dumb, decisions. — Leave it to the impeccable eye of a fashion designer to capture the spectrum of colors that reflect the many emotions of love and loss.

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