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Another student named Britta Perry caught his eye and he pretended to be the head of a Spanish study group to impress her.

Unexpectedly, a real study group is formed with other members of his class thanks to Abed Nadir.

He was also reunited with his study group and joined a special "Save Greendale Committee" to improve campus life.

but this can be seen as an example of his tendency not to put any effort into anything.

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He hoped to exploit his friendship with a professor who worked there, Ian Duncan, in order to secure an easy graduation.At work he was often partnered with another lawyer named Mark and the two were known as "Tango & Cash " respectively.A drunk driving case Jeff handled involved a Psychology Professor named Ian Duncan with whom he became good friends with.Exposed as a fraud to the study group and taught a lesson in cheating by Duncan.While he contemplated his next move, he crossed paths with the study group who took pity on him and allowed Jeff to rejoin them Jeff became the de facto leader of the group much to Britta's annoyance.

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