Derby city dating scene

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Today, you don’t have to be a banker or a gangster, wearing a Jaxon Godfather Homburg Hat is still a sign of an influential person.Approx.4 1/4" Center Cent Crown3" Curled Brim Made of:100% Wool Felt(Stiff Finish) Made in the USAGrosgrain Ribbon Hatband Grosgrain Ribbon Bound Edge Leather Sweatband Removable Side Feather Custom Satin Lining Sizes: S, M, L and XL For Bulk/Wholesale purchase of this hat, CLICK HERE or call us at 1-888-847-4287. See below or call 1-888-847-4287 for help with sizing.Featuring the classic stiff finish, center dent crown and curled brim, the Jaxon Wool Homburg Hat gives you the complete look at an unbeatable price!

Ideal for formal events, dress up or play time - the Kids' Derby (aka Bowler) Hat can do it all!Finished with a Japanese grosgrain ribbon hat band complete with satin piping, the Palance also boasts a micro Bailey staple side pin, removable side feather, grosgrain ribbon trimmed brim, fine woven sweatband and custom printed satin lining.Approx.4" Round Crown1 5/8" Curled Brim Made of:100% Fur Felt - Brushed Long Hair Melusine Finish Made in the USABreed® Collection Hat Japanese Grosgrain Ribbon Hat Band w/ Satin Edge Piping Tonal Removable Side Feather Micro Bailey Staple Side Pin Grosgrain Ribbon Trimmed Brim Fine Woven Sweatband Custom Satin Lining Sizes: S, M, L and XL Introducing the English Bowler hat by Jaxon.This piece is for the customers that aren't a fan of the crushable hats.This piece is stiff and will stay to its original form if you take care of it. See below or call us at 1-888-847-4287 for help with sizing.

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