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’ So reading between the lines a bit, I suspect that hubby is a flirt, and wifey knows that he is too naive about the intentions of the women he is encountering, as one of the key attractors to a women is not being single but being with someone else. that the fact that someone else has already vetted them and thinks them Ok relationship material.

Now don’t shout at me ‘but what about sisterhood’ or ‘but they shouldn’t’; I deal in realities and the reality is that pre-selection exists and women can be very determined to get what they want.

Plus, women have rules of engagement that we understand, like lionesses marking our territories, however men probably don’t notice these subtleties at all.

Plus, if you are discussing things about your relationship with this friend and not your partner, then it is definitely going in the wrong direction. If you are talking to someone of the opposite sex, they might be sympathetic to you because you are friends, but they should also be giving you an insight into the mind of your partner.This should be highlighting the question as to why you are’t sharing this with your own partner.11) Arranging to meet in a different scenario: A friendship normally starts in a particular social setting, e.g. So it’s a sign that there is a change in the air if you arrange to meet elsewhere for example coffee outside of work or lunch without your partners.I’m all for having friendships of both sexes, because it helps to give us insights into the opposite sex, and because they will give us such a different viewpoint and approach to life.The key is to make sure that the boundaries are kept in place and that you aren’t naive; you know the saying ‘never say never’.

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